This evicted Bigg Boss 11 contestant to come back on the show? She was recently seen..

Well, we know this might have come as a shock to all of you. As the season is slowly reaching towards its finale, the Janta wants their favorites to stay in the show for as long as they can. So, Benfasha’s BF Varun Sood came up with an online plea to send Benfasha Soonawalla back on the show. Benafsha was recently evicted from the show while she was nominated with other contestants – Hina Khan and Sapna Choudhary.

Now, Benafsha really wants to go back on the show after getting evicted and her BF Varun is helping her out by requesting all her fans to take a stand for her and tweet #bringbackbenafsha. He tweeted, “Lets make it trend



Benafsha has got into a lot of controversy after her closeness with Priyank Sharma inside the Bigg Boss house. First it was Priyank’s girlfriend breaking up with him and then the entire nation gossiping about Priyank and Benafsha’s love angle to grab eyeballs. And since she is out of the show, she is clearing the air about everything; she even called Priyank his ‘brother’. She said, “We’re just friends. The physical stuff, him kissing me on the cheek and hugging me, were just sweet gestures. He’s a warm guy. We shared the bed, for friendly emotional support and companionship. Priyank is like my brother yaar!!!”

Lately, she also posted an open letter in which she shared how she is hurt seeing Priyank Sharma saying wrong things about his equation with her inside the house. Though we don’t know if Varun’s plea will make the showmakers bring back Benafsha to the show but surely it would be interesting to see if she re-enters the Bigg Boss house!