Bigg Boss is a show where friendship and fights among contestants are relatively common. In the last 10 seasons, Bigg Boss has created a way for many contestants to create the friendship. Talking about the current season, we can say that we have seen many ups and downs regarding friendship in the show. Ex-contestants of this season Sapna Choudhary and Benafsha Soonawalla’s has given the best example of friendship. Though both have been evicted from the show, their love for each other is still at a glance. Benafsha and Sapna met in the house and became friends soon. Now, when they both have been evicted from the house, Benafsha made it a point to visit Sapna. Both had a great fun reuniting together. Both danced on a Haryanvi song and their dance moves were completely ‘kickass’.

Benafsha wrote on Instagram sharing the video, “Love this girl. Both of us felt another kind of beaaaautiful positivity whilst looking at each other and dancing to my recent faaaav song! That time when I came to Delhi and Sapna dragged me to her house in the middle of the night. Must say. SO WORTH IT. What a beautiful family. Especially sappu ki maaaaaa😊 #hooomanepalpalyaaadteritadpaaaaveseeee.” Both had a gala time grooving to Teri Aakhya ka yo kajal at Sapna’s house. Here is the video which will definitely make your day!

This is not the first time they met, at first Benafsha reunited with Sapna on December 8 and showed her intense love for her through this lovely picture. She wrote, “Haryana ki Shaan, Aur meri JAAAAAANNNNNN!! Dekho kisse miliiiii! I love love love love love you sappu. BAN LOVES YOU 😜 My English pro! #donttalkme #gohell #idonttalkthisman #likereeeeaally #baaaaannn.”


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