Model turned actor Rahul Dev, who got evicted from the Bigg Boss house last night even when he got more votes than Nitibha Kaul (the other contender for eviction) was more than happy as he stepped out of the house. He was the biggest celebrity in the house but his eviction didn’t come out as a surprise as he remained inactive throughout his journey. An introvert by nature, Rahul Dev was not among the race of best performers from the day one and did not open up himself much even after endless advices by Salman Khan.


As soon as he stepped out of the house, he was welcomed by host Salman Khan (Weekend Ka War), who said he had never seen any contestant being so happy after being evicted. Owing to a massive popularity, Rahul, who had expected to stay hardly for 5 weeks in the house, survived for 9 months.

In an interview to Firstpost, Rahul revealed a lot of things and shared his entire journey in the house to which he termed as ‘bitter-sweet’. The first three days were quite tough and unnatural for me and I had mentioned this to Salman during a weekend episode”, he said. “It was good, it was bad but never ugly”, he added. Rahul had to struggle hard to fit in, especially during the task when celebs were made ‘sevaks’.

However one person who left him shocked was none other than Swami Om. “He surprises you all the time. He takes those U-turns perpetually, and he will survive because he is getting support from everybody. There are certain rules in the house but rules are relaxed for him. Even though sleeping inside the house is punishable, he dozes off many times in a day and nothing happens to him. I won’t say that the makers are being unfair, but he is creating a software that people are watching.”, he said. He further revealed that Lopamudra Raut is the best chef in the house.  Summing up his 9 week long experience in the house, he said, “Bigg Boss was sort of a self-discovery; a learning experience that was packed with many bittersweet memories. The house and its inmates taught me how to be patient and deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations. Thanks to Bigg Boss, I have finally overcome my fear of the kitchen and cooking and I am glad that after this, I can cook a decent food. I am going to miss spending time with Rohan and Lopamudra and going to definitely root for them and looking forward to seeing them as the finalist of the show.”

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