Ex Wife Sussanne Tells Hrithtk, ‘You look HOTTER than you were 20 years ago!’

Hrithtk Roshan and Sussanne Khan were one of the hottest couple in Bollywood until they decided to part their ways and broke the hearts of all their fans. However, despite being divorced, the couple seem to share a very strong bond of friendship and keep traveling and vacationing together for their kids. Their bond is pretty visible to the entire world and social media is a proof of the same.

While the two keep posting pictures together even after their divorce, it is the comments and captions that win hearts. Recently, Hrithik Roshan, being a passionate gym lover, posted a video of his workout on his Instagram profile. To his video, it was Sussanne Khan’s comment that won hearts.

Hrithik, who is a fan of gym, shared his workout video on Instagram. He wrote, “Transformation journey Day 2. Owing to too many injuries over the weekend years I’ve adopted ZMR’s ( zero momentum reps). It helped my rehab along with gaining strength so much so that it’s now become a part of the HRX workout module at Cult.fit

1 rep could equal 1 minute. .n yeah that’s 10 pounds. (Gotto start somewhere right ?).

And at the end your supposed to say faaaaaa….aaaa! ( a rule is a rule what can i say) .

PS: this used to be so much easier 20 years ago) .

#NoPainNoGain #Hrx #onemorerep #createyourself #bethebestversionofyourself #therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou #workonyourself #pushboundries #keepgoing”


To this, his ex wife Sussanne couldn’t control herself and wrote, “You are more hotter than you were 20 years ago! 🙌🏻😇♥️”

Indeed, there’s still so much of love between the two.


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