Eyes are said to be gateways to our soul. People try to hide their true selves by adhering to false demeanors but eyes never refrain from showing the true reflection of your soul. Here are some common attributes associated with different eye colours-




People with dark black eyes are said to be intuitive, mysterious and passionate. They are responsible and trustworthy and maintain prudency in their relationships. They are very hardworking and practical and are known to be spiritualists.



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The most common eye colour in the world, people with brown eyes are known to be the epitome of simplicity, creativity and positivism. Though being practical, they often tend to soften up a bit for the people they love, indicating towards their greatness and trustworthiness.




People with green eyes have an enchanting enigma around them and they are full of zest and life. They are known to be breathtakingly beautiful but surprisingly get jealous with people around them.




People with blue eyes are said to be angel hearted as the angels have blue eyes too. Kindness and humility oozes from their persona as they always strive to spread happiness around them.

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