A person’s inner aspects of character and behavior can be well revealed with many physical attributes. And the shape of one’s eyebrows is one such gateway to understand his or her personality and character type.

Have a look what does the shape of eyebrows describes about you and your loved ones.

Extra-Long Eyebrows: People who have longer than usual eyebrows can single-handedly handle all their problems. Very strong by nature, these people can overcome any kind of stress. They also usually have a very vibrant personality with interests in so many things.


Short Eyebrows: You hate people who keep on complaining about their lives in front of you because you yourself usually are stuck amidst life’s difficulties.  You are a keen observer and notice details very attentively.

shortThick Eyebrows: You are simply ‘unstoppable’. People with thick eyebrows are bestowed with electrifying confidence. Be it your inner strengths or physical appearance, you are confident about both. You are a free spirit who enjoys life to the fullest.


Thin Eyebrows: You are a perfect listener and very delicate souls. You hate conflicts and always try to avoid them.


Almost Straight Eyebrows: Lack of curve in the eyebrows depicts inclination towards rational and analytical thinking. Every step that they take is after immense analysation of the situation. People with such eyebrows are also quite blunt in nature and do not ever hesitate in speaking the utter truth.

straightRound Eyebrows: Kindness flows into you and you always remain keen to help other. Attentiveness is one another major trait that you possess.


High-arched Eyebrows: The ones with such eyebrows are sensitive in nature and do not open up easily. You might get their false impression of being rude and arrogant from the first meeting but they do not reveal their true selves until you have won their trust.

high arched

Triangular Eyebrows: The steep incline in your eyebrows is suggestive of your efficient leadership skills. You possess a very dynamic personality and no one gets bored with your company. You do not shy away from taking responsibilities and take decisions spontaneously.


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