Here is a list of signs that are faithful to their partners. (It astonishing how the unfaithful ones are more in number!).

Signs that are faithful to their lovers:



The bull is always dependable and loyal in a relationship. They always look at tomorrow and are really reliable. They like stability and so there is no drama in their love. No matter what problem arises and where it arises from, bulls are ready to take the challenge.


The crab strives for a stable and secure relationship, probably more than anyone sign in a relationship. Crabs like to take care of their family and friends and cannot relax if they don’t have a deep and strong bond with the ones they are close to.


When it comes to relationships, Virgo’s are the most sensitive and careful. They wish to make each move count and dread the idea of getting mixed up in wrong or faulty relationships. Virgos love perfection and this means that they wish for their relations to be “true and pure” to the bone. They will never cheat and always take care of the ones they decide as their partners. Often misunderstood as the cold one, Virgo’s are definitely great partners.


Libras believe in justice and fairness and so they value good virtues. They have rules that should be followed in a relationship (i.e. don’t cheat and be loyal kind of rules). Libras tend to sort problems out on their own and strive for peace and harmony.


A patient sign which believes that there are no shortcuts to success. They feel the same way in relationships and tend to solve any problems that arise. They love stability and avoid drama and are reliable partners.

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