Bollywood is incomplete without catfights. We have been witnessing so many catfights between Bollywood actresses through years. We have seen Bollywood actresses getting into banters and physical fights.

One such incident happened when Esha Deol slapped Amrita Rao on the sets of Pyare Mohan. In an interview Esha said, “Yes, I slapped Amrita. One day after pack-up, she abused me in front of my director, Indra Kumar and my cameraman and I thought that was totally out of line.  To protect my self-respect and dignity, in the heat of the moment, I slapped her. I have no regrets because she totally deserved it for her behaviour towards me at that point in time. I just stood up for myself and my dignity. She realised what she had done and apologised to me and I forgave her. Now, things are fine between us.”

Then Amrita in an interview talked about the same incident and said, “It’s unfair to blame her but I don’t want to say anything more. It’s a closed chapter for me.”

Yes, things reach this level at times and people lose their cool. But who knew it would take such a turn. Anyway, it is a past story!

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