We often confuse reel with real! We end up believing everything that we see on screen. Take Katrina’s example – she has an image of a very soft-hearted and a polite person but this Quora thread exposes her real side which doesn’t really match her onscreen personality.

So, yes, a Quora thread went by asking how it is like to meet Katrina Kaif which received a mixed response. Majority of people accused her of being rude and egoistic while a few people had sweet encounters with her.

Here are some of the most intriguing answers from the Quora thread!

Short and Sweet:

A guy named Bhushan Gopalani narrated a short and sweet incident and wrote, “I was participating in Standard Chatered Mumbai Marathon. There were a few celebrities including John Abraham, Katrina Kaif Ronnie Screwala, R. Madhavan to name a few. As we were going out after finishing the marathon, I saw Katrina coming in with Ronnie Screwala. I asked her for a pic to which she happily obliged(Ronnie on the other hand was denying as they had to rush somewhere).I spoke to her for a few seconds and also got a couple of clicks with her.”

Serious Ego Issues:

Mitali Toley, a software engineer shared the experience of her friend who worked as an air hostess with Jet Airways and Once my roomie told me about her flight experience with Katrina Kaif and its really not good. She is not so friendly. My roomie is an air hostess with Jet Airways. She said whenever Katrina boards a flight, she sits with her manager and she doesn’t talk to anyone only her manager talks.

When the flight air hostess comes to greet her or ask her about her food preference, she simply turns to her manager instead of talking to the flight attendant directly. She would then tell her food preference to her manager who would then convey it to the air hostess even if she want water she does the same.This is really so rude.

Once Katrina lashed out at an air hostess when she was woken up from her sleep and asked to fasten her seatbelt. She said ‘How dare you touch me? You are just an air hostess, the salary you earn is just a small amount which i spend in one day blah blah!!’. The crew was shocked & surprised by this. She was also black listed from Jet Airways for her rude behaviour towards the staff. Though she is a celebrity, but this is not the way to talk to anyone. She doesn’t even allow to take pictures or give autographs to her fans.

Insulting fans ain’t ever good!

Manish Patwal, a quora user shared a yet another third person experience. “I once met a customs officer who had met Katrina Kaif twice at the airport while doing his duty.

The first time he met her, he requested for a pic with her. Not only did she decline she said it in such a rude manner that the guy was embarrassed, as many of his colleagues were also nearby.

However as the karma goes, this guy again met Katrina Kaif after a few months. During the customs clearance process, he sent her for security check.

She was a bit shocked and asked him “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you watch movies?” To which the officer replied with authority “No i don’t watch movies. GO over there for the check”.

She definitely needed some lessons in humility,” he wrote.

This makes sense, though!

Being  someone who works within the industry, I guess I can answer this question. The reason why I’ve gone anonymous is that I’m a newbie in the industry (and also on Quora), and, more importantly, I don’t have a Godfather in the industry.
I have met and interacted with quite a few eminent personalities from the industry. Let me also tell you that most PRMs are trying to showcase things differently.
Like Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are “gentlemen”, and that they’re not players.
Like Priyanka is “proud” of Parineeti.
Of all the “stars” I’ve worked with/for, some are highly overrated.
I’ve had limited interactions with Katrina Kaif. She is beautiful, really. And she evidently works on her body. I used to ponder how she has managed to survive in the industry for so long. Now, I know – she works really hard. She works on her Hindi diction, her acting skills, her dance, and her body, almost every single day.
During my interactions with her, she avoided speaking in Hindi, even with her bodyguard. She would try, but fail. Her enunciation in Hindi is worse in real life. But that’s understandable, I reckon. How fluent are you in your third language?
People stalk her like crazy. She had told me that she’s afraid of crowd … of being groped, again. She tries to avoid interacting with people as much as she can. She’s quite an introvert. I don’t think extroverts can understand this.
She’s extremely grateful to Salman Khan and his family, for accepting her when she was considering of returning back home. And also to Ram Gopal Varma.
As for her insecurities, she’s far away from any. She never thought she could make it this far. She has more fears though. She wants to settle and start a family.
She hates it when people take her pictures without her permission, and she’s not the only person who hates that. Hundreds of people take her picture, everyday. I really feel sorry for her at times. And she badly misses her home.


Well, that’s quite an mixed response! We really don’t know how to perceive her – one can’t also blindly trust these stories because they can be fabricated as well.

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