Fans Were Shocked When BTS’s Jin Left The ARMYs After Noticing Something In His Iconic Picture

One of the most well-known pop-culture groups in the entire world is the Korean boy band BTS. The vocalists, specifically RM, Jin, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook, are well known for their extraordinary work ethic and their magnetic stage presence, but they have also had contentious situations throughout their careers.

Regarding the same, the oldest band member Jin was once seen amid a condom squabble.


In any case, Kim Seokjin aka Jin got entangled in a dispute over a condom pack when BTS first made their debut. Jin just so happened to have published a photo of himself eating at his hostel. The photograph was allegedly taken from the cookery courses he produced at the time. A pack of XL-size condoms that had been placed behind the singer at the time that attracted the ARMY’s attention caused the social media platform to go absolutely insane.

The picture quickly went viral, with ARMY and internet users making fun of the boy band and Jin for it on social media. The audience had been paying such close attention to the visual that the band’s management team had to intervene and provide an explanation. The “Big Hit Entertainment” organisation had revealed in a formal statement that the singer had received the king-sized condom as a gift from a fan.

View the picture below:


Regarding their introduction, the BTS members entered the music industry in 2013 with their song “No More Dream.” Since then, the lads have continued to release hit after success, with songs like Dynamite, Butter, and many others.

The BTS band recently declared their vacation from the workforce because they desired to begin concentrating on their separate careers.

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