Farah Khan Asks Chunky Pandey To Control His Daughter, Says “Apni Beti Ko Sambhal Pehle”

Bollywood is always focusing on the children of the star. And if the lime fell from the drink, all the anger falls on the parents. Farha Khan recently blamed Chunky Pandey for what? The popular choreographer openly tells the actor, “Take care of your daughter first!”

But what exactly did Chunky-daughter Ananya Pandey do that Farah Khan told this? Ananya posted a funny video on Instagram on Tuesday. Farha is stopping her in the gap of giving her identity. “You’ve got a national award for ‘Khalipili!” In the caption of the video, Ananya writes with a smile, ‘50 rapya kaat overacting ke always the funniest time with Farah Khan.”\

Filmmaker Farah Khan’s series of funny videos continues to entertain his fans on Instagram. On Tuesday, he shared another video to show him making a joke at the expense of actor Ananya Pandey. As the video was shared by both of them on their respective Instagram pages, their fans and friends shared their ridiculous and hilarious responses.

After that father, Chunky also entered the scenario. Ananya wrote in a comment at the bottom of the post, “Farha, you should be rewarded for your extravagant acting!” Fans cannot control their laughter over this.

However, it is rumored to be heard that Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter broke up after 3 years of their relationship. They never admitted to the relationship. Ishan Khattar and Ananya Pandey did not open their mouths about the separation. But according to media reports, the interval is about three years. The young couple has become separated.

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