Actors spend loads and loads of time with their co-stars on the film sets. Set lighting, setting the set and several other things leave ample amount of idle time for the actors. And as a result, we have witnessed so many love stories that bloomed on the sets!

Farah Khan, a woman who dons many hats  could only figure out this funda only when she herself became an actress. The renowned choreographer and director Farah turned actress for the film Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi that starred Boman Irani opposite her in the lead role.

According to the reports by a leading media organisation, Farah Khan was quoted saying, ” There was so much free time that Boman and I would play board games. That’s when I told him, now I know why actors have affairs on set — it’s out of sheer boredom.”

So yeah, now we also know why do actors go off track and develop affairs with their co-stars even when they have perfect partners waiting for them at home.

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