Fardeen Khan Looks Unrecognizable In His Latest Pictures

Fardeen Khan, son of Feroz Khan, might not have gained a lot of popularity with his acting career but is still a favorite of many. He has certainly disappeared from the film industry and none of us had seen him on screen for a very long time.


However, sometime back, a picture of Fardeen Khan went viral where he was seen as someone who had put on a lot of weight. He looked overweight and people shared concern about his health.

However, in his latest picture, Fardeen Khan looks fit as before. It seems as if the actor decided to go on a fitness spree and achieved an unimaginable target.


After putting on a lot of weight, Fardeen Khan has now shed many kilos and looks a lot fitter than before. He was spotted at a Mumbai airport a few fays back and looked completely unrecognizable.


Ut had been around 2 years, since the pictures of Fardeen Khan with his chubby cheeks went viral. He became the butt of all jokes and this certainly pinched the star. He decided to revive his looks and went on a fitness spree.


However, his latest pictures show Fardeen Khan fitter than what he looked two years back.


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