FATHERS DAYS: See! How TV STARS Shares Special Bonds with REAL and REEL Father

We all know, mommies have ruled television now and then. And when it comes to fathers, they’re exactly the opposite, they may not rule the television like mommies do but surely they ruled the hearts. Here are the TV Stars who shares the special bonds with their real and reel dads:




The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress Divyanka Tripathi says about her Real Dad Narendra that, “My dad is my friend, guru, a person who always pushes the positivity in me. As he’s in Bhopal and I’m working and settled with my husband in Mumbai, we can’t meet very often. He does miss me a lot and it shows in his voice when we talk over the phone. I’m hoping to see him soon and at least send across a gift on father’s day today.”

Real to Reel father, the actress said, “I gel with Abhayji like I do with my dad. Abhay Bhargava is like my father from another grandfather. We gel like a family and support each other. She also added,  the time when he is on the diet and gave up on tea and coffee, I gave him company and left them too. Since then I have never touched them.”






While talking to the Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai actor Mohsin Khan about his real dad Abdul Waheed. The actor said, “My father is a simple, God-fearing and a warm-hearted man. I feel very lucky to have him as my father. He always wanted to bring up a sound and well-adjusted children, and I would like to emulate him when it comes to raising mine.”

Sachin Tyagi is the on-screen dad of Mohsin Khan. About him, the actor says “ Sachin Tyagi toh bade bhai jese hai.” When I have to go to someone with a problem, it’s a toss between real baapu and reel baapu. He’s like an elder brother who gives fatherly advises when needed.




The actor Nakuul Mehta who is seen in Ishqbaaaz, while talking about his real father, said, “Having a military officer as your parent could also mean learning to be disciplined and physically fit from a very young age. Not typically the things you look forward to in your teenage years. We may not be ‘friends’ in the societal sense, but we do consult each other on things all the time. We disagree a lot as well, but if it wasn’t for his absolute faith and unstinted support, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.”

“Siraj Mustafa is the coolest guy on the sets,” says Nakul. My on-screen father, Siraj Mustafa is an absolute rockstar. Having spent his early life in Lucknow, he’s a man of great language, humour and taste in food. I’ve learnt the art of patience and never begrudging from him. He’s the coolest guy on the sets, the actor also added.




On real-life dad Pankaj, the actress Eisha Singh said, “I am a pampered daddy’s girl. I feel father’s day is the perfect day to thank him for all the sacrifices he has made and the unconditional love that he gives me. My father takes pride in my smallest achievement. No matter what, he gives me strength and confidence to face any situation. He is my Superman!”

Reel father Suneelji treats Eisha like a daughter, actress Eisha says. The bond between the two is so fetching. The actress also added, “Suneel Pushkarnaji doesn’t have a child, but he treats me like his daughter. Many a time, he doesn’t shoot for two-three weeks and when he comes back on the sets, he gets very emotional on seeing me. Sometimes he even cries and expresses his love and affection towards me”.




The actor Gaurav Sareen’s says about his real father Pawan Sareen that, “My father and I, we are best friends and I can discuss absolutely anything with him. He is the most genuine person, and this quality of his inspires me to become a better human being. This year, for Father’s Day, I will be away from him, shooting in Mumbai. I am thinking of sending him a cake and wishing him over a video call”.

The Actor says about the bond with his on-screen father that, “Bhagwan Tiwari Ji is similar to my father. He brings me food sometimes on the sets, makes sure that I am happy. He also has fatherly conversations with me at times. He gives me a very reassuring and a homely feeling.”




Khalid Siddiqui talked about his bond with the real father and stated that “I am from a conservative family where kids are closer to their mothers and there is always a relationship of respect and fear with dads. Though my dad has never raised his hand, I’ve always and still fear him. There is a communication gap, but I guess that’s how fathers of that era were. My dad has been extremely supportive and never interfered in my work, but at the same time, always wished well for me. He stays with me and considering that he’s 83, he is still very fit.”

‘SM Zaheer is like my dad’ says Khalid about his reel father. My relationship with Zaheer sahab is no different. It is a relationship of respect and fear. He is also old school – fluent with the language, etiquette and the old school culture. So he definitely is a replica of my dad. I have used a lot of my personal experience when it comes to portraying my relationship with Zaheer sahab in the show.




When actor Arjun Bijlani shares about his bond with his real dad. The actor concluded, “My dad was one of the most humble beings I’ve known. He believed in working hard and has taught me the same. Today, on Father’s Day, my baby Ayaan, Neha (wife), mom and my brother are all in Europe and they will be back only on June 19. I will be missing out on a lot.”

And his on-screen dad Mihir Mishra reminds him of his father, the actor says. “I share a wonderful camaraderie with Mihir Mishra. I’ve learnt a lot from him and we have a mutual admiration for each other’s work. He reminds me of my own father in so many ways,” he added.




About the Father-Son bond between the actor Manit Joura and his real father, the actor says, “My father has been my hero and will always be. I share a formal bond with him, which stems from the fact that I respect him a lot. He is someone who has always managed both his personal as well as professional life with perfection, and that makes me admire him even more. Respecting women and love for motorcycles are two distinct traits that I share with him.”

With the reel father, “I share a friendly bond with Naveen ji’- Manit says. The bond between the two is quite familiar and actor also said, “He is fun and I always try and push him for his style sense. He is nowhere close to how my real father is, and that’s what I like about him. Guess I have best of both the worlds, on screen and off screen.”