We all have our favorite munchies and make-tummy-happy dishes. Here is a list of the favorite dishes of our Bollywood stars:

Deepika Padukone-

This actress love to have Idli and Sambar for breakfast. Her favorite chaat item is Sev Puri and she also loves Mediterranean dishes. But she prefers to stay away from junk food.

Priyanka Chopra-

Now this is takes from something that Hrithik Roshan said about Priyanka. He said that Priyanka eat A LOT and it is only thanks to her metabolism that she can maintain her figure. Her favorites include Rajma Chawal, Burgers and Cutlets.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-

She loves Dal Chawal (that is a really bland favorite) as well as Traditional Biriyani.

Kareena Kapoor-

She loves Italian Cuisines, Continental cuisines (me too!) as well as pizzas and pastas.

Alia Bhatt-

Though she eats home cooked food most, she loves French fries just as much. It is hard for her to resist eating those munchies.

Anushka Sharma-

This actress too loves to eat food! (well who doesn’t?) Her favorite dish is creamy Butter Chicken prepared by her mom and she also loves momos.

Moving on to desserts…

Katrina Kaif-

Who would believe after looking at Katrina’s figure that her favorites are desserts! She loves to eat ice creams and cinnamon rolls as well as kebabs.

Sonam Kapoor-

Sonam loves Chocolate. End of discussion. She can eat anything with chocolates and loves chocolate desserts.

Shraddha Kapoor-

(I kept the best for the last for this actress and I have similar interests) She loves to experiment with food! And though she likes to eat new things, her favorite is Japanese cuisine and she is a big lover of sushi.

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