Fawad Khan turned model for his wife and the pictures are god damn H0T!

Fawad Khan is LOUVE! This Pakistani actor understandably relishes a massive fan following on both sides of the border. Millions of people swoon over him. While men envy him a lot, women ogle at this drool-worthy man like crazy lovers. He is an absolute stunner! He even got oodles of appreciation for his performances in Hindi films. Unfortunately, his flourishing career in Bollywood couldn’t continue for long and came to an abrupt halt due to India-Pakistan tension.


But as they say, love (and Internet) knows no geographical boundaries. Such is our love for Fawad! All thanks to Internet that we keep getting our dose of Fawad Khan in form of latest photographs, videos, etc. Just now we stumbled upon his pictures from a recently done photoshoot; they are literally SOUL-SATIATING!


The handsome hunk is also a loving husband and a doting father. Apart from being an actor, he works with his wife Sadaf to run a clothing line called as Silk by Fawad Khan. Fawad himself is so good-looking that why would he need any other model to present the collection? Yes, he turned model for his wife and the pictures are nothing less than BREATHTAKING!


Donning a trimmed yet full beard, he looks the most gorgeous human creation for womankind! Photos doing rounds on Internet feature him wearing exquisite ensembles from his high-end clothing brand. Have a look!




Somebody please call an ambulance, we are dying after seeing these too hot to handle pictures! 😉