Yesterday we shared with you that Mahesh Bhatt has been receiving threatening calls to kill his daughter Alia and wife Soni. The man demanded an amount of 50 lakh from Mahesh Bhatt.


Recently, Alia was asked if she got scared after getting the threats. To this she replied, “I will call my dad and the police brave. They didn’t give me a chance to get worried at all. They took over completely. I am happy that everything has been sorted out now finally, and everyone is safe and happy.”

“Parents do everything to protect their children from any harm. So, with my dad being by my side, there was no way for me to get scared”, she added.

Sandeep Sahu, the man who threatened Mahesh Bhatt has been arrested by the Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh Police. Mahesh Bhatt confirmed with his tweet:

Mahesh Bhatt ✔ @MaheshNBhatt

A bolt from the blue in the form of an extortion call & threat to my family was nipped in the bud by the MH & UP police in tandem.Gratitude!