Feeling Low? Eat these food items to instantly feel happy!

Everyone loves food! After all, how can one not? Gone are the days when people ate to live, food-a-holics (like me) simply live to eat and for us foodaholics, the sole purpose of life is to eat. On a serious note, the kind of food one eats not only affects physical health but our mental health gets affected too. There exist some food-items which can make your mood go further low while there are some with the ability to instantly boost your mood.

Here we enlist some super-foods, you must eat and include in your diet to reduce stress and anxiety. So, if you ever feel too high on blues, don’t worry, you have got food’s back.

Chocolate: This might not sound new to you but one can’t deny the fact that chocolate is one ultimate mood-lifter. Rather it is suggested to eat dark 40 grams of dark chocolate every day , it keeps stress hormones at a bay.

For instant mood lifting, you can have scrumptious chocolate icecreams, chocolate filled cookies, Belgian chocolate and the list goes on. A plethora of variety is on hand when it comes to chocolates.

Citrus Fruits: Due to the high citrus and anti-oxidant contents, fruits like oranges and grapes come up as a definite help when you are in the blues. Home-made lemonade can also do wonders.

Saffron: The world’s most costly spice, Saffron has been termed as an effective antidepressant by scientists. Its mechanism is same as that of ‘Prozac’ and declines or reduces PMS symptoms like mood swings, stress and anxiety.

Tea: A strong caffeinated tea vanishes away the headache and manifests a furry-less and more alert brain.

Coconut: Smelling coconut smell or consuming a few slices of coconut enhances the mood and soothes one’s response to stress.

Tomatoes: Eat a raw tomato or chopped tomato and onion with sprouts and lemon juice is a perfect mood booster on a bad day. You can also have a healthy fresh sub from Subway or any other food branch, with veggies and sauces of your own choice.

PS: Processed, fried and junk food can further add on to your stress. So keep them away from your