Few Latest Updates On Coronavirus: WHO Says Delta Strain Is Spreading Its Reign In The World

Around October and since then it has been reported in more than 80 countries around the world as stated by World Health Organisation. According to the Director of CDC, the USA- soon Delta strain is going to be the dominant strain all over the world.

Delta strain was declared a ‘variant of concern’ by WHO, which has the potency to be contagious at a much faster rate. On this note Director of CDC, USA – Walensky stated.            Covid-19

“When these viruses mutate, they do so with some advantage to the virus. In this case, it is more transmissible. It’s more transmissible than the alpha variant, or the U.K. variant, that we have here. We saw that quickly become the dominant strain in a period of one or two months, and I anticipate that is going to be what happens with the delta strain here.”

The point of concern about the Delta variant is its mutating ability that can evade the existing COVID-19 VACCINES, according to CDC. Having a glimpse at the biggest covid-19 developments of today, here are few latest updates –


  1. World Health Organization chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan expressing her concern on Friday said that the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which was first identified in India, is becoming the globally dominant variant of the disease because of its significantly increased transmissibility as a result of this mutated strain.
  2. India reported 62,480 new coronavirus cases on Friday, taking its overall count of infections since the pandemic broke out in January 2020 to 2,97,62,793. The number of deaths rose by 1,587 to 3,83,490. Although the daily toll is the lowest in two months. Active cases fall below 8 lakh.
  3. The Delhi High court warned that the violation of Covid-19 protocols at markets in the Capital will speed up the possible third wave of the pandemic like a forest fire.
  4. The Union Health Ministry said that chances of hospitalization after contracting Covid-19 are 75 to 80% less among those vaccinated, reported ANI.
  5. NITI Aayog (Health) member VK Paul added that the possibility of such individuals needing oxygen support may be around 8% and the risk of intensive care unit admission is estimated to be about 6% in vaccinated persons.
  6. Andhra Pradesh extended the partial curfew till June 30 with a few relaxations. The curfew in the state will be in force from 6 pm to 6 am daily from June 21.
  7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a “Customized Crash Course program for Covid 19 Frontline workers” to train them in the fight against the pandemic. As part of the initiative, around one lakh workers will be trained in 111 training centers across over 26 states.
  8. The United State on Thursday issued new guidance, easing the way for delivery of products such as face masks, ventilators, and vaccines to combat the coronavirus pandemic to heavily sanctioned countries such as Iran, Venezuela, and Syria, reported Reuters.
  9. Globally, the coronavirus disease has infected over 17.75 crore people and killed more than 38.44 lakh since the pandemic broke out in December 2019, according to John Hopkins University.

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