Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s legal battle has finally come to an end. Sanjay Saxena, the Joint Commissioner of Crime Branch has said that nothing was found on the Kangana’s mail ID and the case will be concluded on the basis of the final evidence. Rizwan Siddiquee, who is Kangana’s lawyer gave his final statement on the issue. He said, “The Joint Commissioner of Police has clearly mentioned that his Department has been unable to find anything on the mail ID as the server is located in US. He has also in clear words stated that it is very difficult to ascertain who was using the account.

_301ca51a-ebf8-11e5-90f8-20a657ae7b03 The Department now claims that it is trying to conclude the case from the available evidence. In clear words the department has thus communicated to the world what to expect from the investigation, and have also spelt out their difficulty in answering the most important question i.e. “Is there really an Imposter. If yes, who is the imposter ? It is therefore obvious that given the situation, Mr. Hrithik Roshan and his team are once again desperately trying to salvage the situation, and in frustration are now making absolutely baseless and ridiculous claims that we are spreading false information to the media, with regards to the findings of the police. Mr. Hrithik Roshan and his team of forensic experts and lawyers are directly dealing with the police on the subject matter, yet if the police are communicating their helplessness in the said matter, the said decision needs to accepted by the parties concerned. Now without prejudice to the above we would like to state that Mr. Hrithik Roshan had lied to the Police even at the first instance, as much as he had blatantly lied not knowing my client socially. He also cannot deny the fact that he had failed to file any police complaint at the right time against any imposter for reasons, which are now apparent. I would like to categorically state that my client has always claimed and maintained that there is no imposter and that her email id was hacked by Mr. Hrithik Roshan multiple times during the 7 months which Mr. Roshan took to file a belated and misleading police complaint. A lot can be implied from these acts. As a matter of fact my client has a good criminal case against Mr. Roshan not only for hacking her email id but for also having circulated her private pictures to the media.”

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