Hina Khan aka Akshara called it a quit when scriptwriters of Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai decreased her screen space and shifted the focus to her onscreen daughter’s love story. Unexpectedly, the show managed to maintain the TRPs even after the lead character, Akshara left the show. And to our surprise, Kartik-Naira’s marriage vows and rift between Kartik with his family has so far kept the viewers hooked and interested.

As per the ongoing track, Kartik and Naira are on a mission to reveal Aditya’s malign character. Aditya is Kartik’s sister Keerti’s husband. Keerti is shown living an absolute gloomy life with her husband, who is a big time flirt and deceiver. But it is only Keerti and Kartik’s father, Mr. Goenka who forces his daughter to ‘adjust’ with Aditya for business gains. He is also not aware of Aditya’s character, though.

But now, Kartik has come to know his misbehaving behaviour with Keerti and has joined hands with Naira to expose his truth in front of the entire family. Reportedly, they will take cue of CCTV cameras.

It’s surely gonna be oodles of drama and entertainment! For more updates, keep following Womansera.

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