Priyanka Chopra is one on-screen character who loves to multitask in her bustling life. From being a desi young lady to a hot Hollywood celeb to UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador, she finishes each undertaking with absolute flawlessness. Since a year or somewhere in the vicinity, she has been continually tied up between different undertakings in India also in the US. As though acting and delivering was less, she is likewise necking profound occupied into adding her bit to the social worker. In the midst of this, the fans pondered whether she even had any individual life. All things considered, Priyanka as of late gave a major indication about being seeing someone! Truly, that happened!

While conversing with an excitement entryway, she expounded about keeping up peace on the planet. PeeCee just went by Jordan to meet the Syrian outcast children and their distress has abandoned her sorrowful. She said, ” The adults are clearly not making a good decision, look at what is happening with this world. IS that thw world you want to leave behind to your children? A barren wasteland where people are only fighting with each other and killing each other on the basis of color of your skin, the god that you pray to that no one has seen.What are we fighting about, What are we killing innocent people and children about.” 

Be that as it may, while discussing this, she all of a sudden uncovered about her own life! She added, ” I have always been a believer of peace and I believe conversations sort out most problems in the world. I don’t believe in combat; I am a fighter. I will fight for what is right but I do it firmly instead of violently, unless you ask boyfriends that, they’ll tell you a different story.  I just don’t talk about it (my relationships), doesn’t mean it didn’t exist or doesn’t (chuckles)”

Photograph by Marco Grob
Makeup: Edward Cruz
Hair: Josue Perez at Tracey Mattingly for Nexxus New York Salon Care

Priyanka Chopra just dropped the greatest clue about being seeing someone. While all nowadays she was simply evading the inquiry or giving clever answers to the inquiry, she herself discussing it is very astounding. All things considered, at long last that she has opened up, we can’t hold up to know who is that fortunate person! Any estimates?