For a long time, we have believed in these myths and tormented ourselves but it is now time to break free! Here are 5 myths that are total lies:

BB creams and foundation with SPAs are not sunscreen. Even a sunscreen needs to be applied frequently. Only creams with SPAs above 30 work well.


Facial exercise and massage do not lessen wrinkles, just relieve stress and tension on the skin. In fact, over doing them can cause more wrinkles. You should use sunscreen daily to protect your skin.

The costlier your cosmetics are, the better you will be able to avoid wrinkles. This is so not true and in fact these creams chunk out more money than they give back in return. There are tons of natural remedies out there to fight wrinkles naturally and effectively. For example, tea extracts and hydroxyl acids.

A dry and clear skin do look perfect but they only look so. Reality is that they make skin prone to wrinkles. Don’t use harsh soaps for a dry and clear skin.

This is the best. You may believe that smiling and pulling skin causes wrinkles but that is not the case. Of course, pulling for a long time with too much pressure will cause damage, but smiling and laughing don’t cause the ‘fine lines’ that you have learnt about.

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