Find Out How Karan Johar Tried To Sabotage Actress Alia Bhatt !

Director Karan Johar knows how to find the most promising stars in the industry. Over the years, the producer-director has curated fresh new talent. He certainly has a panache for scouting and debuting talent like no other. One of his many debutants was Actress Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt began her promising career with Karan Johar’s film ‘ Student of The Year’. The star rose to heights after her star performance, winning the hearts of many in the industry. The actress’s relationship with producer Karan Johar has always resembled mentor-student. Considering this, it came as a shock when Karan Johar confessed sabotage the actress’s role in Kapoor & Sons.

During a session in the Writers Room, Karan Johar confessed. He says, ” I tried to sabotage her casting because I had a one-on-one with Alia and I said, ‘Listen, you don’t have to do every Dharma film. You don’t like it, you don’t do it because the part is really nothing.’ She was like, ‘Yeah, I know but I love Shakun (Batra), I’ll just hear it for him, he’s a good friend.’ I said, ‘Yeah, yeah, but don’t do it. It’s fine because it’s called Kapoor & Sons and you’re not a Kapoor in the film”.

Sadly, his plans fell awry when the actress expressed her dedication of friendship to Shakun Batra. Obviously, Karan had no other option but to give in, after all, Actress Alia Bhatt is a force to reckon with!

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