FITNESS IS NON NEGOTIABLE: Masaba Gupta Unveils Fitness Regime To Cure PCOD Among Women

Celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta recently shared her physical transformation journey via a social media post. Alongside a photo of her well-toned body, Masaba wrote that it was the ‘lightest’ she has been in the last ten years while creating her ‘non-negotiable’ fitness routine for her transformation. She said that the routine had helped her cure PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), get off medication, focus better and enjoy time off even more. Masaba further wrote that many girls like her could tackle such issues through fixing nutrition and making physical activity their focus.

Masaba, daughter of veteran Bollywood actress, Neena Gupta wrote in her social media post, “I am as committed to my health as I am to my business & my relationships. Say this to yourself every single day. You have to make one thing about Fitness non-negotiable in your life. It all starts there. My 7-9 am workout/walk/yoga is non-negotiable…also no ordering any outside food on a weekday! Its just keeping things simple and light with Ghar ka Food. No amount of unwanted stress & no phone call that distract me from this. This has helped me nearly cure PCOD, and focus better and enjoy time off with the food & drink I love with friends & family on the weekend. At present, I feel I am the lightest I’ve been in 10years and want to prove to myself that a lot of hormonal issues we girls have sometimes can be tackled through fixing our nutrition & making physical activity one’s focus! What are some of your non-negotiables?”

After Masaba Gupta shared her post, her fans and followers started appreciating the designer for sharing her fitness journey. While Malaika Arora wrote, “Incredible woman”, Kareena Kapoor Khan commented, “Masaba masaba masaba fan girl bro hugs.” However, a comment by actor Ali Fazal invited attention a lot. He wrote, “so nice to read this.. as a man if I may- have gone through so many transformations for work, and what nobody realises is the toll it takes and sometimes mentally that a part of the mind switches off to all inputs. And it’s only focus and nutrition that almost rekindles the hope that our bodies are amazing gods within themselves. Inspiring indeed. I started yoga, and nothing pulls me away from that ever now. A non-negotiable!? Hehe.”

Filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari opened up about PCOD, “Dear @masabagupta Thank you for speaking about PCOD. This is one of the most important posts in a woman’s life who has suffered from PCOD for really long. Mood Swings, bloating and sudden weight gain. Yoga, walk and only low-intensity work out helped me in the past four years. A good energy with a happy state of mind is what i look for every day. And its started showing now in my overall outlook towards life.” Masaba Gupta will soon be seen sharing the screen with her mother Neena Gupta in the second season of their Netflix show, ‘Masaba Masaba’.

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