Five People On Reddit Share The Top Places To Have Sex: Checkout!!

Sex can never be dull. We’ve all talked with our partner about where to have sex to spice things up.

Regardless of your strange obsession or wants, it would be best if you continue to explore them with your spouse. The month of romance is here, and we’ve compiled a list of the most incredible locations to have a good time in your sex life.

I’m not just saying this; it comes straight from Redditors’ popular posts, and it’s been tried-and-tested, so I’m confident it’s worth it.

Here’s where people are choosing to get it on in public because you might want to try it once, too. It seems like a lot of fun.

  1. On The Rooftop Or The Balcony

We’ve all heard that the finest spot to get mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind views and sneak a kiss from your loved one is at the top of the Eiffel Tower just before sunset.

No one can go every day to the Eiffel Tower for that, but we could surely do it on our terrace’s covered area.

According to Redditor “Hii6212,”The roof of a building. Despite being slammed from behind, I stood over the edge, without anyone on the other side noticing. It was thrilling, made much more so by my phobia of falling from anything higher than two inches.”

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, 1.6 percent of participants stated the balcony was their preferred location for public intercourse.

Since balconies are not a part of my everyday existence, I think that all of these folks are incredibly wealthy or enormous lovers of the opera or the movie “The Breakfast Club.”

  1. Sex On The Beach

We’ve all heard of celebrity “sex on the beach” scandals, which is how the drink acquired its moniker.

12.7 percent of individuals like a nice orifice full of sand — or, at the very least, are better at avoiding sand than I am.

Warning: Always do it on a private beach, or you’ll end up in a detention center like so many others throughout the world.

According to Reddit user “myne,”Beach with no clothes on. It’s completely devoid of everything. Cliffs border it. It’s the middle of summer. The moon is full. A mild breeze is blowing. The clouds look light and wispy. Blanket. A smidgeon of marijuana. Stunning young lady.”

It appears to be the most popular location, as seen by a remark from “drawingdead0,” who writes,

“Only the ocean and her moans can be heard at night on the beach, under the sky. It made perfect reason to be cheerful.”

  1. Sex In The Classroom

Imagine a student opening the door to a couple kissing in the classroom; now imagine the same thing happening in a music room.

Let’s hear from Redditor “Pull Up Or Chut Up,” who writes, “On the campus of my institution, in a music practice room. Knelt over a piano and picked up a piece of music that a poor man had placed there.”

  1. Sex In A Trial Room

Do you know that if you search the term “Sex In A Trial Room” – “The Best (and Worst) Fitting Rooms to Have Sex In,” is the first search that comes up.

It appears that individuals all around the globe have been having sex in all of these places? It seems to be the standard.

While your girl is changing in a retail store’s dressing room, you become all hot and heavy? Why not just slip in to break up the boredom of a routine shopping trip?

“BiffDangles80,” a Reddit user, did just that.

“The changing room at Victoria’s Secret. It happened around the holidays. A large number of individuals are out shopping. My then-girlfriend (now wife) called me in to view the dress and then started to rub my wiener until I caved in. Of course, we bought the suit, but I felt awful for the person who had to touch it to ring it up. We were both sweaty, and it smelled like sex.”

I’m not sure if they’re talking about a dressing room for a play or a clothes store, but I hope the curtains are closed in any case.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day!

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