Five tricks to make your eyes beautiful

This is a dream of every girl to have gorgeous looking eyes and for that they try all tricks to make their eye look beautiful and attracting. Your eyes give you a different look to your overall personality and hence choose your eye makeup and apply them wisely. Many of you look for different ways to make your eyes more beautiful. Here are few suggestions to make them gorgeous.

  1. Eye primer

It’s important to always use an eye primer before starting the makeup on the eyes. This helps to intensify the colour of the eye shadow, smoothen out the eye lids and makes the makeup last longer.

  1. Highlighter

Using a highlighter on the brow bone gives a beautiful shape to the eyes and makes them look more attractive.

  1. Right mascara

Using appropriate mascara can really help open up your eyes and for that it is important to use mascara in an outward and upward direction.

  1. Eye liner

Depending upon your choice and the shape you want ,you can opt for that shape with an eye liner, like for example winged eyes or cat eyes.

  1. Using kohl pencil

If you don’t have well defined almond shape eyes, then you should avoid filling a lot of kohl as it makes your eyes look smaller