Those who follow sex rules are saved from getting worried about their sex life. That’s why such rules have been made for a healthy sex life. Who should know every couple who are physical.

Just as relationship rules are needed for a great relationship, sex rules are needed for a successful sex life. Many people end their sex life due to lack of this information. But at the same time, those who know this save the relationship by following these rules.

Rule 1: Don’t go overboard!

Do not go to any extent

We can impose our authority on anyone only up to a limit. Your partner is ours and not your maidservant. Do anything keeping this in mind. Therefore, do not go to any extent about sex or else think what will be the difference between you and a rapist. Anyway, forced sex is called Marital Rape.

  • Don’t tear clothes
  • Don’t force
  • Don’t bite

Second rule: Don’t talk stupid

Do not talk during sex.

Romance, sex are the most beautiful and captivating activities of this universe. So tell them in a beautiful way. Never talk romantically while romancing and do not use slang-obscene language. Even if you are having phone sex with your partner, do not forget this. Anyway, obscene things are like abuse.

  • Don’t ask partner to mute
  • Don’t say things used in porn
  • Do not speak directly to the genitals

Third rule: Don’t compromise on safety

Do not do any work keeping safety in mind. If you do not have condoms or contraceptive things, do not have sex on that day. You can be satisfied even till four play. Therefore, if you want to stay away from sex problem, then follow the rules of safety.

Fourth Rule: Involvement is essential

It takes two people to have sex. Unless both of them are involved, this action cannot be completed. If you understand this, then you will be able to enjoy the orgasm and give it to your partner. Because men are not able to give the pleasure of orgasm to 70% of women.

  • Don’t do anything against your partner’s wishes
  • Don’t force sex
  • Don’t force your partner


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