While performing any rituals or starting any new phase of life people are asked to put their right foot or best foot forward. As our foot carry whole of the body wait, it is believed that our foot can reveal a lot about us. Feet acts as a mirror of the rest of the body, pain in feet is supposed to reflect problem in any part of the body. Astrology can reveal it all, here are types of toes and their indications as per foot reading.

  • Big toe: If your big toe is longer than any other toes, then you are a smart person with inventive mastermind. You can see things from various points, you can also have some issues as drawbacks. In the same way if your toe is little, this means you are a multitalented and productive.
  • Second toe: If your second toe is more drawn out then you are clever and you want things to be done according to you making you little bossy. Whereas little second toe means you are happy to await your opportunities.
  • Third toe: If your third toe is long then it means you are unbelievably enthusiastic about your work. The more drawn out is the third toe, the more you are going to succeed in your profession. In case your third toe is shorter then you are a perfectionist and appreciate the delights in life. You believe in the mantra that life is short so appreciate it.
  • Fourth toe: Your fourth toe is long then it denotes that your family is important to you. You feel that it is difficult to cut yourself off from other individual’s issues. Whereas if you have a little fourth toe then you are a tender soul and your concentration is somewhere else other than family.
  • Little toe: You are enjoyable to be with, friendly and witty. You can be effortlessly exhausted sometimes and always be searching for interesting redirections.
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