A Hollywood hottie said to her interviewer, “I make sure I eat a spoonful of coconut oil every day. For the antioxidants in it, you know.’

What a change in the scenario!

Twenty years ago, everyone was condemning coconut and its oil.  Now the world has turned topsy-turvy and coconut is being touted as the best thing after ambrosia.

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Meanwhile, carbs are being dumped by the millennials. The older ones are off the rice. Ghee that was taboo for years is now displacing most oils.

The one thing that is holding onto its spot in the popularity charts is water. Have buckets of it. Spritz it with lemon juice, add slices of cucumber or fruits of any kind but drink it all day.

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All kinds of diets have had their moment in the sun – eat nothing but carbs diet, eat nothing but proteins diet, eat before sunset diet, a purely vegan diet, a seafood diet, no solids diet. The ugly truth is, weight loss gets regained after the loss of a good complexion, lots of hair and health on any of these freaky diets.

The best diet trend is the ‘go global but eat local’ one. This follows the ‘Hundred-mile’ rule too. That is, you can eat anything that is locally grown. Buy organic vegetables and fruits and eat what your ancestors have eaten. It’s that which has made your body so it makes sense to feed it what it is used to.

Bengalis and North Indians should stick to their mustard oil till they shift out of Bengal or Punjab. All others ought to stick to their peanut or gingelly (sesame) or coconut oil – whatever they are used to in their areas.

Have unpolished rice or hand- pounded rice, if rice is what you normally eat. Get organically-grown gehu (wheat) and get it ground in a mill or buy such stuff. The fanciest stores usually stock such exotica.

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Try to eat what is considered desi veggies. Add a dollop of ghee on your rotis, rice or dal. Try to eat a wide range of dals, sprouts, veggies and fruits. Add lots of greens and fresh herbs in your grub. That will spike the taste and keep boredom at bay.

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Enjoy green tea or flowery fruity teas. Have coffee if you crave it. Try to make every meal colourful. Colours mean different vitamins and minerals. So, a colourful meal means you have given your inner man a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

If you crave non-veg, it is better to have it once in a while instead of thinking about it all the time and virtuously eating veg. Follow the food diktats of the locals. North Indians neither touch curds after sunset in winter nor rice. Most people south of the Vindhyas eat curds at every meal. Why not? It never gets very cold out there\Use spices. All of them are good for you in. And, above all, don’t make a song, dance and drama about each meal. If one meal goes awry, it isn’t going to kill you. So, stop worrying and eat well.

Try the above tips and stay healthy always!


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