Former Miss India Universe Priyanka Was Accused By Her In-Laws Of Working In A Pornographic Film

Presently another name is included in the case of Raj Kundra, who is caught on account of making obscene videos and delivering them on the application. This is the name of the previous Miss India Universe Pari Paswan. Pari (Priyanka Paswan’s) parents-in-law have blamed her for making pornography videos. Pari’s parents-in-law say that when they came to realize that Pari makes pornography videos, they promptly would not wed, yet Pari threatened them and married their son.

Priyanka Paswan, a former Miss India Universe.

Priyanka Paswan, a previous Miss India Universe, denied this load of charges and considered it a trick by her parents-in-law. Priyanka said that this is totally clearly false and a story made by her parents-in-law. Priyanka says that she has filed a case of dowry harassment against her parents-in-law, because of which they are attempting to defame her.

Won the title of Miss India Universe in 2019-

Pari (Priyanka Paswan) won the Miss India Universe title in the year 2019. Priyanka is initially from the Gumla area. She met her significant other and Neeraj Kumar of Katras police headquarters region through Facebook, from where their adoration began, and after that, the two of them got married in the year 2021. For quite a while the connection between these two worked out positively, however, after that the connection between the two soured. Both made genuine claims against one another. Pari Paswan stopped an instance of share provocation against her better half in Katras Thane and sent him to imprisonment. Pari Paswan enlisted an instance of settlement provocation against her significant other in Katras Thane and sent him to imprisonment.

In-laws hurt the honor and respect-

Pari interacted with the media channel after her in-laws accused her of making porn videos. He said in the conversation that his in-laws have hurt his honor and respect by falsely accusing him. Priyanka said that her in-laws know from before marriage that I have a daughter. She says that before marriage, her husband used to come home and play with her daughter, whose picture she also has.

Priyanka Paswan denied this load of charges and considered it a trick by her parents-in-law.

Didn’t know porn video was made-

In further conversation, Pari said that as far as working in a porn film of Raj Kundra Production is concerned, she is a model by profession and she had gone there to meet him in search of work. As soon as she got the information that a porn video was made there, she told her husband about it. Pari said that she has accused her in-laws of dowry harassment, so she is defaming them by taking the name of porn videos.

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