A number of rumours are doing rounds of Sunil Grover returning back to Kapil Sharma’s show. Three weeks have passed and Sunil Grover has not made it back to Kapil’s show.

The team of Kapil’s show has been constantly chasing him ever since he has left the show but looks like Sunil Grover has no mood to return to the show. Other members of the show, Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra are also missing.


Now there are reports that Kapil has had enough and he will no longer be running after Sunil Grover to come back on the show. A source close to Kapil said, “When you keep trying, apologise, try over and over again to convince someone and the person is still unmoved, then there’s no point left. Kapil has stopped taking any effort now. He did a lot and he had enough. Not only him, a lot of other people involved with the show, the topmost authorities tried talking to Sunil but he is not ready to change his mind.”

“Generally production houses have contracts with artistes but Kapil never had such a contract with Sunil. He always maintained that Sunil is a friend, it’s his show as much as Kapil’s and he is free to join and leave the show whenever he wants. Had there been a contract Sunil would have had to return to the show,” the source said.

Sunil Grover has given no comments on this. We have to wait to see what happens next! 

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