There are many benefits of drinking water. It is the magic elixir that can solve any problems. Water mixed with fruit juices gives even more health benefits. Here is a list of drinks you can make that will make you feel light and healthy:

Fruits which are good for sugar and digestion- cucumber, strawberry and kiwi

Cucumber- It keeps the body hydrated and fight outer and inner body heat. It flushes out toxins and helps to fight cancer. Also helps in weight loss.

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Strawberry- It has anti-oxidants in it and contains many vitamins which are good for health. Strawberries are great for the heart.

Kiwi- It has Inositol in it which reduces the risk of nerve damage in diabetes patients. Also, it has low glycemic index (GI) which is pretty advantageous for diabetic patients. It also fights obesity.

Fruits with water which are good for fat burning, digestion and headaches- lemon, green tea and mint

The combination of these three has many benefits. Green tea has anti-oxidants and help in reducing fat. Mint freshens up the mood and along with lemon, it helps to reduce headaches.

Fruits for healthy immune system, digesting and heartburn- lime, lemon and orange

Orange- A fruit complete in itself. Oranges are citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, potassium and pectin.

A mix of these fruits with water helps to improve inner health of your body by providing strength to your immune system.

Put the fruit of your choice in a grinder (or you can put all of them together). After you get a pulpy mix, add some mineral water to it and drink up. Mineral water is recommended for it tastes sweeter and is better for your health. Normal water will do fine as well.

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