We are running. Running like a prey runs from its hunter, or maybe, even worse. We are on the verge of falling, breaking, choking and yet we decide not to quit running. Is there a problem? There is. But what is the problem. The fact that we are running or the reasons for our running? Are we running away from something or running towards somethings; running for ourselves or for someone else; there are numerous questions in this puzzle but the pieces will never fit together till we can figure out our start point. Thankfully, we do know our starting point: The very beginning.


Everything started when we started. From the moment, we learn how to wash out our own shit to the moment when we entered school and every class thereafter is nothing but ‘The beginning’. Close your eyes and think back to the time when you were just a little kid trying to learn ‘A For apple’. What were you thinking? Of course, you won’t be able to remember something so distant but you can still relate. We were thinking what our teacher told us to think. She showed us a red round fruit, told us that it is called an apple in English and then wrote down the words on the black board. We kept memorizing things like this (not learning) till we became able enough to pass exams and test. We were rewarded for good marks and scolded otherwise. Soon we started aiming higher and higher, for perfection meant that we were becoming worthy individuals who were keeping their parent’s pride. The competition got so intense that we developed a couple of disorders due to stress but that is only natural for hey! You have got to work hard to stand at the top. But even after doing all this, are we really at the top after 25 years of being born into this world?

Only a small percentage of people make it to the top and it has got nothing to do with grades.

The reason behind this is that we live in a word which is dynamic by nature. Our relations, knowledge, demand and supply, everything is dynamic. Something deemed important today, is not needed tomorrow. Here are a few things that were important before but are not equally important now:


  • Spelling bees- You don’t need to have superb spelling skills, we have auto correct just for that. Even your grammar can be fixed in a second online.
  • Mental Math- we have calculators EVERYWHERE.
  • Loads of printed publication- We finally have a solution to deforestation but no, we would like to stick to torturing our planet. (seriously? Why?)

These are just a few of the things that we can actually do without. I am not saying that these things don’t have any values but what I do want to point out is that if you are spending all your precious time in trying to perfect these things (considering that you are not good at them), then don’t. Trying to find a solution for a solution is actually pretty dumb.

What I do mean to say here is that we need to teach our kids to first hone their unique skills and then learn more skills which will complement that uniqueness. A designer does not need to know what the structure of some atomic compound looks like but if they do need to know, they can google it or look it up in a library. The poor designer has no need to take up chemistry classes for something as simple as this. We are focusing on the wrong side of the coin.

In a world where technology is growing faster than mold, there is no use in focusing on the name of jobs. The jobs we are preparing our kids for, may not even exist in the next 10 years. But there are a few things that would remain important and whose needs are every growing.

Building relations: Teach your kids to communicate. An honest and strong bond between two people will definitely lead to better business opportunities. Your kid needs to know people who can get the work done, in doing this they themselves become the ‘go-to’ person for other people. Also, having people that you can trust by your side will give you a better opportunity to set up a business.

Creativity: Don’t let it die! Everyone is creative but we lose it somewhere between growing up and trying to find a job that the world would appreciate. Allow your kids to draw and paint your walls and sing and dance to their hearts content even if It means skipping their homework for a day. Let them be free for that is the first step towards a creative mind. Just being able to sketch good does not mean that someone is creative. Rebellious kids are said to be the most creative but you can make your kid creative by just letting them free, that way, there will be less rebellion.

60% hard work + 40% smart work- This is a theory devised by me but I think it can work wonders, for many people follow this in their own way. We all know that there are no shortcuts to success and never will be but do you know that there are many roads and doors that lead to this one success? You need your child to develop a way of thinking where he/she knows the most profitable decision. There is no single ‘right choice’ but a variety of choices that return profits in different levels. You need you kid to be adaptive and sensitive to the growing and changing environment so that the hard work that they do is done in the right field and direction. Don’t let the hard work go to waste.

Thirst for knowledge- The one category of people that no one can stand is the ‘mundane’ individual. This is a little like the creative point. Urge your kids to be curious. Keep yourself updated with what is going around in the world and tell your kid about everything so that their thirst to know more never dies.

Humor- Who though that something as simple as this can be important right? But it is. Being light hearted is extremely important if you are working in an environment packed with people. We live in a society that loves to ridicule others but a person who can laugh off certain things ends up in being loved by everyone around them. If you think that the world should accept you or your kid the way you and they are, then you are wrong. Why is the world obliged to accept you? One needs to work hard for acceptance and that is an unspoken rule that has always been there. If your child has a hint of humor in his/her personality, then nothing will be able to bring him/her down and people will learn to idealize him/him.

The only way to incorporate all this in your children is to incorporate them in yourselves.

It doesn’t matter if your kid is not a brilliant student. Your kid needs to become an interesting and unique individual. The demand for this particular quality will never cease to exist. Even if the name and nature of jobs, changes over time, having these qualities will definitely turn all situations in your child’s favor.

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