Gargi College Students Hold Protest Against Mass Molestation.

Three days after a boisterous horde of around 35 men, some of whom were purportedly flushed, jumped onto the grounds of Delhi’s Gargi College – an all-young lady’s organization – and explicitly ambushed understudies, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reacted, expressing this evening his administration would “not endure misconduct with our girls” and requesting the “harshest conceivable” discipline for the guilty parties.

Today, students at Gargi College hold a protest against the brutal act of sexual assault and molestation happened during their annual college fest. Girls who attended the fest have different stories to tell. According to Sonia, a student of second year, “The College was over crowded. The crowd was mixture of students from other college, local men and relatives of our college students.” “It’s really shocking for us. It was the first time that such a thing happened. This should not have happened.” She added further.

On being asked about the role of Police, a senior student said, “There were hardly 4-5 policemen present who were just acting as silent audience as if they cannot see anything.” She further told, “The people in crowd were chanting something. They broke the gate of our college. Few of them were BJP supporters who were passing with their political rally.”

Students blamed college authorities for everything happened. They are protesting in their college campus. They are demanding jammer free campus and proper use of security funds. “We can’t blame Delhi Police as we have not filed any complains yet. That day we were not able to contact police as jammers are installed in all over the college.” This is all Ragini said, who is protesting in Gargi College against college authorities.

Priya, a student of Gargi College, claims, “We were also in the fest till late. But nothing happened with us. Few girls are exaggerating the matter.” “Some girl has posted on tweeter that I was molested during the fest. Tweeter was flooded with its retweets and hence the fire spread in the forest.”

Sneha and Rupali who attended their class and then joined protest said, “We were enjoying our fest. All of sudden the mob breached the gate and entered the campus. It happened so fast that we couldn’t react to it. The men were drunk; they were touching us everywhere as they passed. I’ve heard about the involvement of DCP’s son in it. I guess that’s why police is not taking any strict action.”

Rupali further said, “There are no proper security arrangements here. The area is not safe at all. We can’t walk on these roads even in evening because of eve teasing. We have faced molestation and harassment that night.”

Refusing all the above details, Sarika, a student of first year in Gargi College said, “These are all exaggerations. Nothing had happened as they are saying. In fact, that day, girls and boys were getting intimate consensually taking advantage of the crowd.” She adds further, “I’ve seen couples kissing and cuddling that evening.”

Shivangi, the joint-secretary of Delhi University also marked her presence in the protest with Gargi College students. She expresses her sympathy for students. She said, “There were many loopholes in security arrangement of the college. People lack civic sense and humanity. That’s why such things happen.”

An adhoc professor told on condition of anonymity, “We are talking to kids. Immediately we are called upon this meeting. I can’t believe that such a thing has happened in Gargi College. I have been here for last 5 years. I’ve not seen such worse condition ever during fest.” On asking whether students’ demands are legitimate, she adds, “We support our students. Most of the teachers who are vocal about this are standing with the students.” She admires her students by saying, “I’m proud of them that they took their stand and they are in right direction.”

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has also sent a team to investigate the incident.

“I read on social media that girls were molested and no step taken by the administration. I have sent a team. They wanted to talk (to the) principal and also to talk to police. I can only react after they talk to them,” Rekha Sharma, the NCW Chairperson, said.

Over 100 students, furious over the “complete lapse of security” at one of the city’s more prestigious institutions, took out a protest within the college campus this morning. 

Chief of Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal also visited the college today. She assured, “We are investigating the matter and issuing notices to Delhi Police & college administration. Action should be taken against those who did this and those who protected them.”

ACP South Ex. Delhi was also present during the protest. But there is no official statement by college authorities. The Delhi Police said it has launched a probe into the incident and is scanning CCTV footage. Police, however, have not received a complaint in this regard, a senior officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Atul Kumar Thakur said appropriate action will be taken in the matter.”We have not received a complaint in this regard yet. But we have began a sou-moto enquiry into the incident,” the DCP said. The enquiry is being conducted by Additonal DCP (South) Geetanjali Khandelwal.


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