Get a body like Sunny Leone with her Fitness Secrets!

By Tanya Malik

April 17, 2018

You hear about Sunny Leone and the first thing that will strike your mind is her sheer beauty and hot body. Well, this woman has won millions of hearts till date. Be it her beautiful face or curvacious figure, Sunny has everything that will make people swoon. Sunny is truly a stunner and she has been able to grab eyeballs from all across the world. Now that she has made it big in Indian cinema, she has garnered a bigger fan following. With her talent, she has successfully created a place for herself in the hearts of people.

Sunny has an amazing body and great complexion because of which she stands out when all the Indian actresses are listed. We are sure that there are many people around who wish for beauty and body like her. Here are some fitness secrets that Sunny has revealed.

Sunny loves to hit the gym. She visits the gym 2 to 3 times a week. She regularly practices yoga and pilates. She goes for cardio and has a routine that includes squats and lunges for those toned thighs. Other than exercises, Sunny keeps a strict check on her diet. She loves coffee and has it black. Coffee, if you don’t know has antioxidant properties, and is a perfect pre and post workout drink.

Sunny adds in a lot of fruits and vegetables to her diet. She munches salad whenever she is hungry. Salad is rich in fiber and water content which fills up her tummy and she avoids any heavy dressing on her salad like mayo.

Also, she keeps herself hydrated all day by following the 8-glass water mantra. Milk is also an important part of her diet.

So, here were some fitness secrets from Sunny. You can incorporate them into your lifestyle for a body like her!