When we see our favourite celebrities with their dimples on their cheeks and it seen as attractive, they always steal our hearts with their dimpled cheeks. Undoubtedly, these adorable dimples bring the charming look on face. We always wonder how to get dimples. Some people want to have dimples and opt for the surgery.

Dimples are small folds in the ample part of the cheek. There is a minor muscle distortion which leads to the skin of the cheek to draw tightly as it moves, making outer divots. This adorable facial feature is generally hereditary.


There are several ways on how to get dimples naturally without surgery.

Suck up the cheeks :- This exercise can give you natural dimples if you repeat this exercise  daily. This exercise is simple; therefore, you can do it at any time. You just need to pull in the cheeks and keep it for a few seconds before relaxing. When you do this exercise, you need a mirror to look at to make sure that you are doing it right by creating hollow cheeks. You need to repeat it for 10 minutes each time and several times daily until you get the satisfactory result.

Press and hold: You can try this method, what you have to do is Put on the areas where your cheeks indent most. Use your fingers to mark on both of your cheeks. Make sure that you press on the right spot where the dimples will form normally if you have them.

Pucker your lips:-  To start practicing the cheek muscles, you need to fold the lips and suck in the cheeks. Make a face as if you have just eaten one lemon or something strongly sour. The lips should be in a slight pout or pucker, and the cheeks should be somewhat sucked in.


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