Get your A-game on with these hacks!

By Ardas Sandhu

June 21, 2017

Applying makeup is a tricky thing but we can’t go without it now, can we? Of course the answer is no. You feel you’re the best when you look your best. Makeup is every woman’s first love. But sometimes, applying can be a real hard task. Well, we got you for all those times!Let’s dive straight into the good part! 1. Turn your eyeliner pencil into gel

Gel eyeliners are much easier to apply. If you ever run out of your liquid/gel eyeliner, you can easily save the trouble and turn your regular eyeliner pencil into gel. Just take a regular eyeliner pencil, heat the tip just for a second and let it cool for 15 seconds. And there you have it! Heating it makes it softer and easier to apply and give a nice smudgy and smoky look.2. Get the perfect winged eyeliner

Just extend the bottom of your eye as high as you’d like. Then draw it in towards your eyelashes and then draw a line from the inside of your eye and join it with the previous one. At last, just fill it up carefully and you are good to go!

3. Make your lipstick stay longer

Apply your regular coat of lipstick, and then lay a tissue over your lips. Dust a translucent powder on it. It makes the color set and helps it stay longer.

4. Say no to smudged mascara

Instead of applying mascara the old fashioned way and doing it on the risk of ruining your makeup, use this amazing hack. Just grab a spoon, hold it over your eyelid while applying mascara and the extra will go on the spoon. Do the same when applying on the lower ones.

5. Let’s get all the volume!

Before going to bed, apply dry shampoo. This way, all the dry shampoo gets worked up in your hair as you move around in your sleep and when you wake up in the morning your hair has great volume and body.