There is no denying the morning rush when you wake up to your sweet little dog! He nuzzles you gently to pet him.  There is something soothing about stroking and petting a dog. You and your dog release endorphins, flooding your brain with happy chemicals.  They are accommodating, forgiving and non-judgmental in their bond with their owner. Not only do they offer unparalleled companionship, but a growing body of research shows that they also boost human health. Here is how:

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Help you lose weight: Many of us are often tempted to stay planted on the sofa in a couch potato stance for hours at a time. When you have a hyper pup pushing you to take them outside to do their business, there’s little you can do to ignore them. Dogs drive you to get out of the house which leads to more physical activity. Whether they’re asking you to throw a ball or Frisbee or chase them around the house, it’s getting you out of your chair and into a healthier body.

  You stick to a routine: As great as it is to sleep in on Saturday mornings, your dog still needs to be let out to do his business. Luckily, sleeping in on weekends, or ‘social jetlag’ might actually be making you fat because of the stress it puts on your body. Your dog helps you maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Better Fitness decisions are made: Of course it’d be more fun to spend the day sitting on your couch watching reruns of your favourite movies but with a doggie it is not practically possible. When you cater to the needs of your dog, you will discover that you are making better fitness   decisions for your own self. While either walking or running your dog, your pet will be a great motivator for you to go just that extra mile.

Hiking with a dog

Promotes family unity: when it is viewed in the light of greater complexity of family relationships that have arisen in modern day living –divorce, unemployment, pressures on working women, nuclear families etc. The pressures add a great deal to the problem and complexities of contemporary existence and infer that the “undemanding simplicity of the love offered or required by a pet can be a welcome contrast to this.”  Pets act as emotional substitutes for spouses, romantic partners and children.

Live longer: Owning a pet can add years to your life!  Aiding in reduction of stress plays an important role in your pet’s life-extending qualities. Also when people know a dog is fully dependent on them, it gives them even more willingness to live. Researches have proved that pet owners have better physical and mental health than non-dog-owners. Fewer health problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, high cholesterol or heart problems affect them.

We fall sick less often if we have a dog. This is because dogs are allergy fighters and immunity builders .Today we are obsessed with disinfecting-we drink only bottled water, we try not to eat street food, we even carry hand sanitizers with us everywhere…

Dogs, as such, have plenty of germs. Having a dog in the house causes more bacteria to enter the home, helping us to build up resistance and boost our immunity. Growing up in a house with a dog makes kids less likely to develop allergies over the years, and they are found to be healthy.
Dogs act as relievers of chronic pain by reducing the level of anxiety: People who have undergone surgery and who have pets and home and use pet therapy during their recovery period need less pain medication than those who do not own pets. Dogs are good at distracting you from your pain which can be great for people with chronic pain.

 Lend you social support and help stave loneliness:  Social support is critical for well-being and there is proof that having a dog may transform you into a more social being. Whether you are walking your dog to the local dog park or for a walk around the block, being outside with your dog creates opportunities to be in contact with people. Furthermore, dogs make for fantastic companions. Dogs are great at picking up your routine, are extremely loyal and are excellent listeners.

 Mood enhancers and depression reducers: Research shows that people who own a dog are less likely to be depressed. It’s pretty much impossible not to break into a smile when you catch your little doggie trying and failing to jump onto the sofa.

 Boost self esteem: The responsibility of caring for your dog gives you a sense of purpose and makes you feel useful. It improves your outlook on life and thus boosts your self esteem. If you’ve ever left the house briefly to take out the trash and came back to the sight of your dog jumping up and down as if he’d seen a celebrity, you’ll know this is true.

 Adopting a dog is a commitment that will last for many years but if you do, it’s likely you will be richly rewarded with one of the most satisfying, loving, and active relationships you’ll ever experience.


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