Everyone wants a soft, smooth and glowing skin. Apart from looking beautiful and attractive, every woman dreams of a spotless skin. In today’s time when pollution is more than population and so are the growing numbers of skin problems, it is imperative to take good care of your skin to make sure that it doesn’t lose its natural moisture, glow and complexion. Every other woman is facing daily external aggressions like UVA, UVB and pollution that cause dark spots, darkening, dull and dehydrated skin.

However, it isn’t a far-fetched dream to sport a glowing radiant skin today. All you need is a suitable facial kit according to your skin type.  You don’t have to spend hours waiting for your turn at a salon when you can get a flawless skin facial all by yourself. Getting a facial treatment at a salon is not just expensive but also a lot more time taking; therefore a lot of women own their personal facial kit. So if you too are tired of waiting at salons, go get your kit today. But before choosing the right facial kit for yourself, know your skin type. It is important to know your skin type as the facial products used for each skin type are different.

A basic facial kit comprises of a cleansing scrub, a massage gel, a massage cream, a face pack. A facial treatment helps in restoring your dull skin into a much healthier looking skin in no time. These 4 unique products in a facial kit will purify, nourish, hydrate, polish the skin, improve its elasticity and will give a perfect long lasting radiance.

It’s true that most of the facial products damage your skin instead of leaving your skin supple and charming because they are loaded with harsh chemicals and devoid of the nutrients that are needed.  So if you are looking for a safer option, Banjara’s is the one for you. Banjara’s is a leading herbal product company that delivers an undoubtedly exquisite range of skincare products. Wait no more and give your skin a soothing and healthy look with Banjara’s wide range of facial kits. Here are three major facial kits that Banjara’s offers:

  • The Banjara’s Gold Facial Kit is enriched with the goodness of Swarna Bhasma (Golden Dust Powder), herbal extracts and essential oils. It nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity. This facial kit helps in reduction of dark spots and pigmentation and gives skin a flawless golden glow. Unlike other facial kits it comes in a user friendly packaging and also smells pleasant. It comprises of 4 facial products; a Gold Cleansing Scrub, a Gold Massage Gel, a Gold Massage Cream and a Gold Face Pack.

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  • The Banjara’s Papaya Facial Kit is enriched with the goodness of Papaya, peach fruit extract and vitamins. It is a 4-step regime to give blemish free, even toned and nourished skin. It provides essential nutrients and improves the skin tone by making it pimple-free, spotless and clean. It helps reduce fine lines, enhances collagen formation thereby making the skin firmer for a better toned look.

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It comprises of 4 facial products; a Papaya Cleansing Scrub, a Papaya Massage Gel, a Papaya Massage Cream and a Papaya Face Pack.

  • The Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit is enriched with goodness of authentic herbal extracts, essential oils and Pearl Dust. It provides essential nutrients thereby reducing dark spots, pigmentation and also lightens the skin. It has Mukta Churna which is known as a skin rejuvenator and it gives long lasting bright skin.

It comprises of 4 unique products that give a soft and supple skin with radiant brightness; a Pearl Cleansing Scrub, a Pearl Massage Gel, a Pearl Massage Cream and a Pearl Face Pack.

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