Summer season is just too harsh on our skin. Tanning, sun burns, dry and patchy skin are just a few to be mentioned when it comes to summer cruelties on our skin. While we indulge ourselves into a serious skin protection regimen, the most sensitive part is often overlooked. Yes, we are talking about lips.

Every girl wishes for rosy soft lips but this hot season shows no kindness and brutally snatches all the moisture and leaves them patchy, dry and peeled. Adding to the misery are the chemical filled lip balms and lipsticks.

But here is one ultimate solution that will get you rid off from all the lips issues. And trust me, it is so damn simple.

All you need is a beetroot, a little bit of vaseline petroleum jelly and 1 tsp coconut oil.

Peel the beetroot and cut into very small pieces. Then thoroughly blend it in a blender until the pieces start leaving watery residue.

Now strain the contents using a fine strainer to remove all the fine solid bits. Take a small cup and add 1 2sp petroleum jelly and 1/2 tsp coconut oil in it. Now pour in 2 tsp beetroot extract and mix well. Mix really well until smooth. Transfer the mixture in a small container and let it rest and solidify at room temperature.

Once it takes solid form, use it as a usual lip balm! While the beetroot will give gorgeous pink shade to your lips, coconut oil and petroleum jelly will work as moisturisers. This balm will not only make your lips beautiful for a while but also make them soft and pink for ever, if you apply it on daily basis.

Happy summers!

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