After every two months, sometimes after only 1 month of getting a haircut, we re-unite with our old enemies; split-ends. Split ends are mainly cause in longer hair but short hair can face the problem too if they treat their hair roughly, use chemicals or heating devices a lot or just don’t take care of their hair at all. Let us looks at some steps to keep these nasty double faced enemies at bay, naturally:


Calm down with the heat and chemicals- This is the most obvious step but without this, the list would never be complete. Using iron rods and curlers as well as salon treatments will damage the protective layer that is present on the hair. This will lead to the explosion of the inner layer of the hair which gets easily dehydrated, damages and torn.

Start combing in the shower- If you don’t have smooth and silky hair naturally then one thing that you can do is combing your hair in the shower. After applying conditioner (which you should as they help prevent dryness and breakage), you can run a comb through your hair so that later when you towel dry your hair (don’t use a dryer until and unless you really need to set your hair), your hair won’t be much tangled.

silky-hair-with-argan-oil (1)

Don’t be stingy with your cosmetics- Never buy cheap cosmetics. It is not that ‘only costly brands are good’ but that they are costly for a reason. They have built their name over a period of time and have many users who can verify for the safety of your skin and hair. The next few point will be helpful if you prefer to use natural substances instead of chemical products.

If your follow the upper three and do get trims from time to time then split ends will be a thing in the past. Below are a few natural hair masks to achieve the same:

Use oils with avocado-

Oiling in itself is very effective against split ends. You can mix a few spoons of coconut oil with olive oil (you can also use castor oil as it does not seep into the hair and repair the damages from outside) and in this mixture add a ripe, mashed avocado. Mix everything well and then apply the paste on your hair. (Not scalp). Let it sit for half an hour and then wash off.

Use beer-

For all beer crazed folks out there, this might make you fall in love with your beer even more. After shampoo and conditioner, rinse your hair with beer and then you just need to bear the smell for better results.

Egg, olive oil and honey-

Egg has always been a great remedy to condition hair. Use one egg yolk, 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil and one spoon of honey. Apply thins on your hair ends and middle of your hair. Let I sit for an hour and then rinse off. Repeat one or at max, twice a week.

Hope this helps you get rid of your split ends without cutting down your hair!

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