Potato is a veggie which has special place at every house kitchen and no wonder it is the favourite vegetable of many of you. But you will be surprised to know that it also makes best masks for your hair. And it has all necessary nutrients to make your hair grow longer and thicker. Applying this potato mask on your hair can do wonders for your hair and helps you to get long thick beautiful hair naturally. So if you wish to get long hair and flaunt it then do give it a try to this mask.


Potato Juice, Honey and Egg Mask

 This super combination can prove super beneficial for your hair.

Prepare a hair mask following the below procedure.

First take out potato juice by washing the fresh potatoes and peel off the skin,dice it into cubes and blend them properly. Once done strain the whole mixture using clean piece of cloth. Now you will be left with potato juice separated from the leftovers.

Secondly mix this potato juice with some honey and the yolk of one egg. Apply this mixture on your scalp and massage it gently on the roots. This will help to activate the hair follicles. Keep it on you hair for atleast 30 minutes before washing it off.

By this time your hair will extract all the necessary nutrients  and benefits from this mask which is made of all natural ingridients and it will also add lot of moisture to your hair and deeply nourish it.

It will enhance  hair growth and thickness of your hair but it should be followed once every week for best and visible results. Best thing about this natural hair mask is it does not have any side effect.



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