Benafsha Soonawalla recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 11 and ever since she is out of the Bigg Boss house, she has been sharing some shocking facts about contestants. She also cleared the air about her relationship with contestant Priyank Sharma. She said that they are just good friends and her closeness with Priyank was a big joke. She said, “I didn’t do anything for the game. If I had to do anything for the game then I would have done that long ago. My sense of humour is something that people wouldn’t understand. It’s weird. Trust me the whole thing with Priyank was all a big joke. ”

When Ben and Priyank were seen coming close to each other in the house, there were reports that Benafsha’s BF Varun has broken up with her. However, that is not true! Benafsha said, “Varun knows me very well. And he was scared because people were saying rubbish about me. I am the most loyal girl ever.” She was also told about Priyank’s GF Divya breaking up with him because of Benafsha to which she replied, “I was not in a relationship with Priyank in the house. I am going to speak to Divya (Agarwal) for Priyank because he has been trapped in this for no reason. Divya and I have to really speak if I am the problem. And, if I am not the problem then Priyank will solve it after coming out. But I will definitely speak to her.”
Also, while we all thought that Benafsha shares a good bond with Hina Khan; she didn’t really have anything good to say about Hina. She said, “Hina is a lovely girl but she is getting into a bitchy character like gossiping about Puneesh and Bandgi, me and Priyank and gossiping about anyone and everyone in the house. It’s not just negative for other people but it’s negative for her. ”

Benafsha hogged limelight when she got close to Priyank on the show. Earlier, she was never seen participating much on the show. However, one instance where she got physical with Akash Dadlani made her come into light. But anyway, Ben feels that Akash is really cute. She said, “Akash does everything for the camera but I think he is cute. He is a big fool, as he says anything after being influenced by people. But still he is very cute.”

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