The girl who was inappropriately kissed by singer Papon finally speaks up about the incident, See VIDEO

The news of singer Papon kissing a minor contestant from a singing reality show ‘The Voice Kids’ has been surfacing on the net of late. The video has Papon applying gulaal on the girl’s face and then kissing her on the lips. Ever since the video is out on the net, it has become a hot discussion over social media.

Papon is one among the judges on the show ‘The Voice Kids’. Though Papon says that it was only his way to show affection to the 11-year-old girl in his letter on Facebook, the video in real will make you feel uncomfortable somehow. Here is what Papon wrote in his letter on Facebook.

I am very painfully conscious of the accusations that have been made against me in the last few days. Anyone who knows…

Posted by Papon on Friday, February 23, 2018

Here is a picture from the video going viral over the net:


Runa Bhayan, a Supreme Court lawyer has filed a complaint against the singer with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (POCSO). A notice has been sent to both Papon and the TV channel. The officials of the channel have had a long meeting on continuing with Papon as the judge on the show. As per reports, Papon will not be shooting for the coming episodes that are the finale episodes. A source shared,”Only two episodes of the season are left to be shot. Papon will be skipping the shoot slated for Tuesday and Wednesday. They are supposed to film the season finale over the two days. Even if he hasn’t been fired, in light of the incident, he’d want to excuse himself from the show.”

Meanwhile celebrities have also started speaking on the controversy. Recently, Farah Khan said, “I know Papon, he is a good guy. But there is no doubt that when I saw the video, it made me uncomfortable. I don’t think he meant to do it, but if it was my daughter I wouldn’t like it. I think people should not touch other people’s children and should just show affection to their own children. I think, if you see the girl’s face after it happened, you’ll realise how uncomfortable she was. But like I said, he is not a mad person to do it while the camera was rolling. He must have genuinely not meant it, but it didn’t give me a good feeling.”

Actress Raveena Tandon also spoke about the controversy. She tweeted, “Disgusting! Shameful!Perverse! This man Papon should be arrested! The girls parents succumbing to pressure! The explanations given are ridiculous! Haven’t felt such anger and shame to see this happen and some on tv debates actually defending the act!”

Shaan, who is Papon’s co-host on the show tweeted in his favor but later deleted his tweet. His tweet read, “My stand is on assumption that it was actually a wrong angle and the Kiss was not on the lips.. I’ve known Papon to be extremely affectionate person and not a ‘pervert’ as being accussed.. of course Law of the Land must take its course (sic)”.

Singer Sona Mohapatra also spoke in Papon’s favor and she thinks that Papon was innocent and he had no such intentions. “Papon possibly should have been more aware of how this looks to a layman. A formality and distance in such a space would have been better…maybe boundaries should be maintained. Still, I think the man is innocent — he just needs to be wiser,” she added.

Now a video of the girl, who is said to be inappropriately kissed in out on the net. In the video, the girl is clearing the air talking about the incident. She says, “During the Holi episode, all parents and us, kids, had gone up to Papon sir…we were playing and having some fun when we went live on Facebook. So everyone saw he didn’t do anything to me… he kissed me like he would kiss his own child. My mother and my father also kiss me lovingly so there is nothing wrong about it. Papon sir didn’t do anything with the wrong intention.”

Here is the video:

The 11-year-old parents have also refused to file a complaint against the singer. They said that he is a mentor and a father figure to their daughter. The believe that what people are seeing in the video isn’t intentional and it was just a moment of affection.

With the girl herself standing by Papon’s side, we don’t know what to believe. Stay tuned for more updates on the controversy.


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