They say that girls are ‘complicated’ or that girls don’t know what they want. But in reality, girls are perfectly well aware of what they want from the guy they wish to get serious with. Every girl has a list of things she wants to see in that ideal guy.
So for every guy out there who finds it difficult to understand the ‘girl psychology’ in the dating game, here is a list of qualities that every girl finds hard to resist.
1) Sense of humour
A guy that can make her laugh is a very hard to resist quality. Now with the same in mind, it doesn’t mean that the guy keeps going on and on about everything but a wise crack every now and then definitely is something every girl considers attractive.

2) Personal hygiene
Having a personal hygiene is crucial if you wish to win over a girl. You don’t have to go to a beauty parlour for this, but regular showers, ironed shirts, polished shoes can go a long way. Having a clean place also impresses a girl to a great length.

3) Personality
No girl can resist a guy who has a charming personality. It’s like a chick magnet and this is not even an overestimation. This is not the only thing that matters but it is a quality on every girl’s wish-list.

4) Possessiveness
While no one wants a jealous guy, every girl, deep down, likes a guy who is slightly possessive about her. It’s nice to know that your partner is concerned about your whereabouts and wants to know whether you’ve reached home safely. It’s just nice.

5) Maturity
A guy having a sense of maturity is something no girl can resist. Being able to understand situations or giving her that emotional comfort can definitely help in the long run. In fact, giving her emotional comfort can help her open up with you can make her feel like she is safe with you, something that she will adore about you.

6) Good kisser
While girls will dig in for the whole package, a guy who knows how to make a girl swoon just by putting his lips around her can make her go crazy about him. A girl usually judges her compatibility with a guy based on their first kiss together. So if you can work on this charm, it’ll surely make you irresistible to her.

7) Stability
A girl usually looks for a guy who can offer her comfort, safety and stability. Being a person who has a stable life, makes an impression of being serious and focussed about life. So this creates an idea that a guy who is serious about his life will also be serious about the girl he is dating.

8) Vulnerability
A guy who can be open about what he feels is something that girls really dig for. If a guy can be open about his past, emotions and thoughts, he can expect to create a lasting impression on a girl. This does not mean that he talks about anything and everything. That’s where maturity comes into play. Be progressive so that the girl does not consider you needy and clingy.

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