For ages now we girls have been trying to find the perfect man. A man who can satisfy all our fantasies, from being well behaved like a gentleman at times to being wild and fun like a wolf. But what exactly is the “PERFECT” that we are looking for? It’s just a set of qualities that we want and here is list that explains our point perfectly.

1-2Respect- Girls want their partners to be well-behaved and above all have respect towards them as well as everyone else. If a man cannot respect his own parents as well as the girl’s family or for that matter anyone else who deserves respect, then that man will be in for a tough time with his woman.

Be possessive but don’t overdo it- There is no girl (or rather person) out there who doesn’t want to make their partners jealous sometimes. After all is the cutest proof that your partner is crazy about you. But what girls don’t like are over-possessiveness. Everyone has friends and giving a girl a little free space to chat up with other boys who are her friends is only obvious.

Be observant- Noticing what she did new or if her mood is off or if she isn’t feeling well, always fetches extra points. It proves that the man is really looking at her and is concerned. Girls especially be grateful to you if you take care of her during her monthly pains.

Be responsible- Love cannot feed an empty stomach. A girl’s parents can be really hard to convince if her counterpart does not have a strong base. This is just how the society works, technically either of the spouse should be employed and the other can take care of household chores.

Get a pet? Ok so this is not for all the girls. But if your partner likes animals then bringing home a friend will add a totally new chapter to your lives. (I would suggest get a cute dog! But that’s just my opinion).

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