Girls Love Shopping – So Do Boys It’s a kind of therapy.

Do I like shopping? Yes, of course, I do like shopping and most women I know just love to shop. Women are commonly pretty content while shopping. We tend to merely get dismayed when we can’t find what we are eyeing for. However, for men, in general shopping is a chore, a task may be. There are, indubitably, certain men who enjoy observing the shelves (if not anything else) although some out-and-out just can’’t bear the term shopping!


Why do women love shopping so much?

We women every so often like to shop with the idea of having a tête-à-tête mostly with our girl gang, glancing through the shelves. Moreover, we always look for alternatives. When we talk about styling and fashion, we always look for something diverse and innovative. We want all – from fine textiles, color, patterns to flawless production skills. There are certain styles, hues or prints that do not work for us but do we really shop consistently considering all these dynamics? Over and over again, we get carried away by trends and spend pointlessly on possessions or stuff which, to a certain magnitude is out of our comfort zone. If shopping has imparted us something, then it is just that labels and brands can be deceptive.

Men are better shoppers?

According to research, men are also inclined towards shopping. They might find it unexciting but they are superior shoppers as compared to women though they prefer shopping alone, Well, the question still remains the same, do men often find shopping categorically mind-numbing and if so, then why are men better shoppers? There is a substantial variance amid male and female outlooks towards shopping. Perhaps, for most men, attire is a kind of gizmo to catch what they need out of life. They customarily need a closet that works as the complete guide for them. They usually have a habit of becoming more dependable, when it comes to clothes shopping and brands. To further explain it, if they actually discover a specific brand that equals their preferences or choices and, no matter what, they will categorically remain loyal towards that particular brand. Men are practical shoppers; they have rarer, limited or precise requirements. They just do not recklessly trail the fad. They precisely identify what they want and they go for something which they can wear the whole year.


Learn from guys

Men might not want a walk-in wardrobe of any fixed color palette such as blue-black and greys but they accurately know what they want. They follow a few guidelines to shop more level-headedly. I don’t think women will stop shopping ever.

Actually it is never ever going to happen, but maybe we should pick up a few pointers from the men’s shopping manual and monitor a few guidelines to shop more rationally and logically so that we can take along our shopping in sync with our necessities than our cravings and simultaneously, hold onto our stylish quotient, charm, and individual panache.

Happy shopping!!!

By PrachiSrivastava