It goes without saying that your vagina is an important part of your body. Every girl wants to ensure that it is in its healthiest and perfect state. But while most of us stress a lot about keeping it all healthy and pampered, here’s a piece of information you will be surprised to know. Vagina doesn’t require anything more than water rinse to be in a healthy and fresh state. It has its own cleaning and balancing system. Too much of cleaning and freshening can actually make things worse.

And here we enlist 7 products that you should keep away from that part of your body! 😉

  1. Oils:  In the quest to get rid off vaginal odours,, girls often end up taking cue of olive or tea tree oils which indeed is a bullshit and baseless thing to do. It can disrupt the delicate system and develop some serious concerns rather than doing any good. And most of the vaginal odours are absolutely normal.
  2. Deodorant sprays: Again, these also apparently are more harmful than being helpful. They can create acute itching sensations on the lining of your vagina.
  3. Steam: There is a scary risk of scalding if you ever try to introduce steam to vagina. C’mon, your vag is the most sensitive and delicate part of your body. Stop experimenting with it. The lesser products you use for your down care, the better!
  4. Hair removal creams:  Razor burns are really bad and there can be nothing worse more than that.  Then we girls find hair removal cream to our rescue. They of course are better than any sort of razor but never ever use it on your entire part before doing a test patch. Test in on smaller skin area first, observe the results and make sure no blisters or itching is there. Go ahead only when results are absolutely normal.
  5. Over-washing: No matter how good it feels when pressured water stream cleanses your vag-area, make sure you never over-do it. Your vagina is home to good bacteria which keeps all the germs and bad bacteria at bay. So by douching it, you are actually calling danger for you private part.
  6. Soap: Showers are way better than bathing in tub especially when you are tempted to fill the tub with exquisite oils, fragrances, bubbles, etc. A quick wash using a mild soap is all you need to keep your down area hygienic – that too its exterior use.

Remember! The more attention you give to your vagina, it spells more risk for it. It can take of itself.

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