Girls With Full Lips Are Go-Getters: Know What Your Lip Shape Says About You

Every body part of ours reveals something about us. Whether we talk about the eyes, the nose, out figure, or even our lip shape, everything has a story to tell. And today, we are going to spill some secrets about your personality just by seeing the shape of your lips. Excited much? Let’s get reading


1) Full Lips

Blessed are the girls who have full lips. They are envied by the majority of other girls who have to get a lip filler surgery to plump up their lips. These girls are true go-getters when it comes to business and their confidence is the tool that helps them get everything they want. However, they are also very empathetic and know how to value a relationship.


2) Wide Lips

The smile of a girl and with wide lips has the power to make anyone around her smile. They are great at socializing and know how to keep the people around them entertained. They are very optimistic in nature and will always be there for their friends whenever anyone needs them.


3) Thin Lips

If you also have thin lips, you are definitely not yearning for a social life as much as others. You are self-sufficient but also know the value of true relationships. They need patience while handling their relationships to ensure their self-sufficient nature doesn’t come in its way.


4) Plumper in the middle lips

You are the girl who loves all the drama and wants the spotlight to always be on herself! You want people to pay attention to you! You are like Geet from Jab We Met, apni khud ki favourite. Needless to say, you love to pamper yourself and of course you can bring any dull party to life.


5) Lips with defined cupid bow

A well-defined cupid bow reveals that you are quick and creative and can unarm anyone with your exceptional communication skills. But sometimes, you tend to say some things that might land you in trouble. So, you should watch out for that.


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